Meet John Rankin


What a great performer, musician and all around super nice guy! We heard him play at The Old Town Blues Club in Temecula a few times now and look forward to seeing him again.

Loved his original music!

Here’s some info I got from

John began his musical journey studying classical violin at age four. At age 16, he found a nylon-string guitar in his parent’s basement and taught himself to play by writing his own music. Throughout high school and college he performed as a solo violinist and in symphonies / string quartets, but did not start performing his original music until 2012. From 2012-2015, he was the lead singer and guitarist in the rock / funk band, Commonly Courteous, and went on several tours with them throughout the Northwest United States. In 2015, he submitted to an online contest for original music, sponsored by Axe and Spin Magazine, and was chosen out of thousands to be mentored by John Legend and play SXSW. Due to the success of his live shows, he moved to Southern California to pursue his dreams. Although he has self-released and produced several albums to date, he is currently working on releasing his first major album.

1 thought on “Meet John Rankin”

  1. Love this guy! Friday Night at Lorimar Loft in Old Town Temecula.
    This was my first time seeing him play on a smaller stage, loved it! John played some covers and some original music, favorite was the original music.
    So much of this guy’s passion and talent comes through his music. A must see when he is in the area.
    John has some new music out, check out his site

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